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ACUD THEATER Berlin, 20 July 2022

TO CANVASS FOR ÜTOPIA is a journey through art genres and languages, from the comfort of the shiny shelves of art products to the darkest folds of skin and muscles. This work brings on stage butoh anti-dance, artistic and non artistic disciplines: bodies as artworks and artworks as bodies. The performers lead the discourse about art itself on a meta-level of interrogation on stage: What does art mean for us all today? What may we hope for, as artists and as humans? “To canvass for Ütopia” is a reflection on the present for the future darkness to come, an investigation into our own deepest disquiet.

Concept, direction: Valentin Tszin, Carmen Lafran
Stage Design: Rafael Hofmann , Noah Oskar
Sound: Daniel Williams
Light: Sasha Andjelo
Costumes: X-tin

Actors: Valentin Tszin, Carmen Lafran, Rafael Hofmann, Noah Oskar, Kirill Krakha

Photo credits Olek Photography/Achilles

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