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Mahalla Ritual at Mahalla, Berlin

19th March 2023

The workshop, led by Coco Katsura (Shiba
ri artist) and Carmen Lafran (Butoh dancer), offers an introduction to butoh and shibari and how to combine the two in a performative way. You will dive into a place of trust and letting go of resistances by deeply experiencing your perceptions and sensations, exploring freedom into limitations. You will learn basic butoh exercises and images and some foundation of shibari art. Combining the two together you will be led through your own journey of death and rebirth. We have to go through the mud to find the lotus blooming on the surface of the water.
We offer a safe place to learn, experiment and improvise. Everyone with or without experience in butoh or shibari is welcome to join.




• BUTOHSPIELPLATZ | 3 Months Summer Educational Program • 

Workshop | Mentorship | Performance

led by Valentin Tszin and Carmen Lafran + other teachers


21th June – 23rd September 2022


Tuesdays 12 am - 5pm | Butoh + different disciplines | Inputs
Wednesdays 6 pm - end | Performance Concept – Costumes - Sound
Thursdays 6 pm - end | Creating solo works - Mentorship
Fridays 6 pm - „blue hours“ time | Rehearsals + Performances
Places, Venues tba



The Summer Educational Program Butohspielplatz offers weekly sessions including training, creation of solos and group performances, mentorship and an events program.
The training takes place every Tuesday and includes warm up, vocal training, butoh and other body practices. Each session has a special focus on a different discipline, which takes the first part of the workshop. In the second part participants will learn the butoh keys and tools to access them. The last part is dedicated to improvisations and critical feedback sessions watching each other.

Every Wednesday session focuses on putting in practice the skills learned, learning strategies to create the concept, together with costumes and music for the performance.

Thursdays are dedicated to strategies and mentoring of your solo works. Private mentorship program includes disciplines like theater, philosophy, quantum physics, sound, digital, cyberpunk. You can choose to be mentored by one or more teachers. Mentorship can take place on or offline.

Fridays are rehearsal days, ending outdoor with the group and solo performances prepared during the week.

Mentors and teachers:
Valentin Tszin - theatre
Sainkho Namtchylak - voice
Carmen Lafran - philosophy
Daniel Williams - sound
Lera Pamanagpo - cyberpunk
Stanislav Glazov - digital
Vicky Philippa Cera - quantum physics
X-tin - outfits
Butoh is You


Private mentorship program includes disciplines like theater, philosophy, quantum physics, sound, digital, cyberpunk. You can choose to be mentored by one or more teachers. Mentorship can take place on or offline.


For whom:

The workshop is open to everyone with or without previous experience with dance and butoh, however it is essential for participants to be in good health and physical capacity, as the training can be challenging and requires strong focus and motivation. Experience in any body practice is welcome but not necessary.
Dancers, performers, actors and professional body practitioners can benefit from the program to integrate butoh in their own practice and deepen their performance skills through the mentoring and supervising program.


for Infos, prices and registration : dasgegenteil.butoh(at)



Butohspielplatz is a dimension where arts converge with philosophy and technology, overlapping fiction and reality.
It is a reflection about our time and space and the ways we shape it and are being shaped by it. Butohspielplatz is a non-ritual for the time to come, in which the main ingredients are irony, paradoxes and rhythmic identities. A shift of perspective from the ordinary.


Summer Edition 2022

In this edition 2022 Butohspielplatz we want to travel in space and time.
The time is the one inscribed in our body made of all little movements of our daily life and of the unordinary once we explore through the reflection of our moment-by-moment shaped identity.
The space is Berlin. With a question mark. What is Berlin for an Ausländer? The place defines the way we breath and perceive, the way our thoughts flow is reflected on the stage of an uncertain scenario between the infinite Unterlagen of our existence.
And like us and through us Berlin also changes, in good, in bad, in all colors.
Butohspielplatz is this reflection of our time and our place. It's about what moves us and the memories we become.

Ropeberry butoh shibari workshop berlin
Ropeberry butoh shibari workshop berlin carmen lafran

• RopeBerry • 

Workshop + performance 1st-5th March 2022 @ MaHalla Berlin


March.01-04 + March.05-06 at @mahallaberlin

FIVE artists ONE workshop.

Four days of intense training in different disciplines:

BUTOH (by Valentin Tszin & Carmen Lafran)

THEATER: Nihon, Kabuki, Noh & Stanislavsky Method (by Carmen Lafran & Valentin Tszin)

VOICE (by Alexey Kokhanov)

SHIBARI (by Coco Katsura)

Sound artist Daniel Williams will mesmerize you through all classes with his music.


You are free to participate in single classes of your choice or in the full workshop.


Entire course participants are invited to perform on RopeBerry.3 show, the final performance that will take place on the 5th and 6th of March.




12:00 - 13:30 VOICE

Day 1. Circle song

Day 2. Free Improvisation

Day 3. Vibrations

Day 4. Spatiality/Extending Voice


13:30 - 15:00 WARM UP


15:00 - 16:30 THEATER

Day 1. Stanislavski method

Day 2. Nihon Buyo, Noh and Kabuki Basics

Day 3. Blossom Geisha and Warrior dance

Day 4. Deepen the character


16:30 - 18:00 SHIBARI

Day 1. Basic technique

Day 2. Bondage with Objects

Day 3. Bondage with partner

Day 4. Self Bondage


19:00 - 22:00 BUTOH (double class)

day 1. Alienation/Butoh basics

day 2. Liminality/ Butoh-fu Laboratory

day 3. Transformation/ Transition

day 4. Space, time, circumstances


For further information and booking:

I want to let movements teach me again time and space, in and out, here and there
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