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White Sins

An act of poetic disobedience,

An investigation into the horizon of the possible beyond the current costellation of the power in a dadaist and Deleuze-inspired way.

An anti-mimetic action. 

A ritual for the future,

a reflection about the skin we wear.



Recited slogans and fallen oracles.

Cassandra's lips.

The urge to wash a color away, by covering it with another one. A bit red.

A bit more red.

 As desiring machines we live in a perpetual connection with the larger circuit of social, economic, politic machines. Art is a circuit breaker though.

Durational performance in collaboration with Anna Valeska Pohl and Michael Popperl (bambule.babys), at Untergeschoß der Pandora Art Galley, Berlin04th July 2020

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