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with Stanislav Glazov

at Collider, Kyiv, 04 February 2022

PERCEPTA is a project combining art with technology, investigating the interaction between human and non human perception, overlaying virtuality and carnality. The work invites the spectator to be involved into a poetic bodily dismemberment, exploring the boundaryless space of connection between body and machine.
Sensors follow the performers movements transforming them into sound. The image is captured, multiplied and projected, mirroring into virtuality its analog form. The voice is distorted, repeated, multiplied. Singularity becomes plurality, physical becomes ethereal into the mutual influence of the analog and the digital body. Mixing butoh dance, voice and audiovisuals the performance offers a new perception about art as a reflection of the coexistance of human and computer vision.
The performance also aims to inquire the shift from the obsolete image of space - where borders, boundaries, ways and places to locate (analog) bodies and existances are clearly defined - to the digitalised body and the coexistance of both level of singularity (physical body) and multiplicity (virtuality), human and non-human, which implies new balances and possibilities of transformation, redescribing the history of human beings.   

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