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ROPEBERRY Butoh and Shibari Theatre Live Performance

MaHalla Berlin, April 2022

Shibari/Direction/Choreography: Coco Katsura

Butoh/Direction/Choreography: Valentin Tszin, Carmen Lafran

Voice: Alexey Kokhanov

Sound: Daniel Williams

Videography/Edit: Yozy Zhang

RopeBerry is a dance theatre project, originated as the encounter of Butoh and Shibari, investigating ways of interweaving two genres of underground art into unorthodox narratives. 2022 the production has been staged various times, hosting guests from different disciplines to make each performance a unique experience for the audience. Elements of nihon buyo, kabuki, rituals, experimental sound, opera singing and unconventional ikebana add to the final recipe an oriental atmosphere with an ironic and grotesque aftertaste.

Live Performance at MaHalla Berlin, 29 Januar 2022

Valentin Tszin, Coco Katsura, Carmen Lafran, Alexey Kokhanov, Daniel Williams

Photo Credit Yozy Zhang

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